Mass tourism in Venice. Photography and video by photographer Marco Panzetti. An Asian model during a photo shoot along Venice's Grand Canal, near Rialto Bridge. The photo set re-enacts a stereotypical "Italian scene", including a waterside pizza picnic, an Italian water bottle and a designer handbag.

A project on the consequences of mass tourism in Venice [ONGOING]

With approximately 50,000 permanent residents and almost 30 million visitors per year, Venice arguably withstands the world’s highest tourist pressure for an urban space. Space saturation, environmental problems, lack of affordable housing and a generalized touristification of public spaces are some of the key issues (directly or indirectly) related to overtourism. And are also among the causes of a fast depopulation of the city. In fact, Venice lost more than 2/3 of its resident population in the last 6 decades. From more than 180 thousand in the 1960’s to the current 50 thousand permanent residents.




August 24th 2019. A cruise ship navigates the Giudecca Canal, in Venice’s old town, to reach the city’s cruise port.

In Venice, in 2018 alone: 502 cruise ships reached the city (roughly 1.5 per day); 1.5 million passengers reached the city on a cruise ship; the cruise ships business turnover was over € 280 million; the cruise ships polluted like 820.000 cars (data: transportenvironment.org); the cruise ships caused 2 major accidents.

The typical cruise ship: carries over 2.500 passengers; weights over 65.000 tons; is more than 250 metres long.

#VENICE is a recently started project (2019) on mass tourism in Venice, currently ongoing. Several visits to Venice are planned for the coming months.
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