Honest (39, Nigeria)

The only work I was privileged to do [in Libya] was a slavery job. A slavery job. This man would use us to fetch water for his passengers to survive, to clean the surroundings, the grass, to wash. There was no food guaranteed… you must beg to eat. I was a ‘ghetto boy’…


I was happy to come to Europe, but when I saw the sea, I said ‘no, I’m not going’. But for all I refuse, I could not help myself to run away. If not I would have run away, because I have never seen that kind of water in my life.


I could not se outside, I could only see up because I was on the bottom of the dinghy. I was praying, crying, shouting… ‘Jeeesus’ on top of the sea… the other people were telling me to shut up. I was not myself, I was just in spirit…


Early in the morning, when the sun arose, somebody shouted: ‘look! our rescue!”…. as I heard that word “rescue” [laughs], I begin to cry, and my crying was even laughing… I was laughing inside my crying.


Then I shout to the white man: ‘please help me! I don’t have leg! [due to a leg injury]’.. he saw the leg… because I was naked, I didn’t wear anything… inside the boat I was naked! More than over 250 passengers were seeing my nakedness! I was naked! no trousers, no shirt! Nothing!


When my calmed down, and I looked at my boat, they’ve taken everybody away from the boat, and the boat was floating on top of the sea… I looked at the sea all around me, and I saw the sea very well, I was just crying. […] from there I believed in God!

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