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Japan is internationally considered the “black hole” of parental child abduction: in Japan, every year, an estimated 150,000 parents (both Japanese and foreigners) are cut off from their children’s life due to a unilateral decision of their partner (Data: Kizuna Child-Parent Reunion). The rest of the world describes these cases as ‘abduction’ and treat them as such, but the practice is widely tolerated in Japan. Here, all disputes related to parental issues and child custody are considered "private matters" and the Japanese authorities avoid getting involved.

The reportage sheds light on this thorny issue, focusing on the stories of different fathers who had their children abducted.

A  multimedia project in collaboration with Orizzontinternazionali, currently in post-production phase (release in early 2019).

To request a preview or for more information, please contact me.

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