Out of Thin Air

Kathmandu, Nepal, seen from above. Before/After effect.

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Over the course of the last 4 decades, the population of Kathmandu (Nepal) has exploded: from few hundred thousand people to more than 3 million people. This ultrafast, unregulated, urbanization process has caused numerous major problems, the most dramatic being a sharp increase in air pollution. In the 2018 global Environmental Performance Index (EPI), Nepal ranked last in terms of air quality among the 180 countries listed.

This multimedia project is currently in post-production phase (release expected in early 2019).

To request a preview or for more information, please contact me.


Democracy and Footpaths (2018)
5:14 min VR documentary video
(best in HD1080 resolution + VR headset)

Photography, Video, Interview and Edit: Marco Panzetti
Voice over: Bhushan Tuladhar (Environmental Engineer & UN Habitat Adivsor)
Fixer/Driver: Sandip Maharjan
Archive photos of Kathmandu: Courtesy PC Nepal Photo Project / Nepal Picture Library
With the support of: 2018 Photo Kathmandu festival / Mixed-Media Residency

©2018 Marco Panzetti

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