Bami (28, Nigeria)

At the sea, it was a horrible story. I’ve never been threaten like that in my life… The dinghy was supposed to carry around 90 persons, but we were around 125, so it was overloaded. So we were coming until a point where the boat broke into two. Yeah. […] You know… we lost so many people in the water, we had… I saw so many people in the water… I saw like, like 50, 60 people dead already.


The rescue team left me in the water… for I assume like 30-35 minutes, I was on that water. I got to a point where the water was just taking me away, I was just going… Until actually they came to me and just picked me up.


When I got to Italy, I sat down to think about life. When I got here I appreciated first thing first that Italians welcome you rescue you, bring you to the community…but.. if the 40% of the citizens of a country are unemployed, you, another youth migration into the country… how do you expect to get a job?… how do you expect to integrate. Because when you get a job you integrate.


They [the refugees in Italy] risked their lives to come down to this place, now this guys that you see here, they’re not just a bunch of idiots…

In this place we have a plumber, in this place we have a mechanic, in this place we have so many other professions like that. Now, what have the refugee system done to help these guys? Develop these skills they have. The only thing you tell them to do is to sleep, weak up in the morning and go to Italian school. And when they know how to speak this language, how would they use it?


After you’ve been given a negative in the [asylum] commission, then you’re on your own, you’ll be thrown out of the project… now, you throw them out of the project with nothing, for 2 years… to me is like, a waste of time. But if you give them something… like a profession… you give them something to actually develop themselves. Even if they leaves the project he can develop himself outside […] it would be good for the country too […]

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