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Catalonia independence referendum and immediate aftermath (October 2017)

The long-standing low-intensity conflict between parts of the Catalan society and the Spanish state came to an inflection point in the autumn of 2017.

Amid violent police repression, on October 1st Catalonia held a referendum on its independence from Spain even if Madrid’s government, led by the right-wing Partido Popular, had declared it illegal. Following the referendum results, on Oct 27th the Catalan parliament declared Catalonia an independent Republic. The Spanish government responded removing from office the entire Catalan government. Immediately after, a court sentence jailed without bail several Catalan government members.


Aftermath of the Spanish Supreme Court ruling on the trial against the Catalan pro-independence leaders (November 2019)

In October 2019, the judicial trial against the Catalan separatists leaders arrived to a verdict: the Spanish Supreme Court ruled against all the accused, and harshly condemned them to jail times ranging from 9 to 13 years. The day after the sentence, exactly 2 years after the Catalan independence referendum, Catalonia entered a new period of political unrest.

Protests and rallies return to take place almost every day, and new forms of civil disobedience are experimented. Spontaneous or prompted by associations of the civil society, road blocks, rallies and protest camps arise in the streets of Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia. Participants protest against the trial sentence, and aim at a disruption of the business as usual to try and force the Spanish government to seek a political solution to the Catalonia situation.



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