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Marco Panzetti is a freelance documentary photographer and visual artist.

Always committed to a humanitarian approach, his work looks into the socio-environmental impact of contemporary issues. His latest personal projects focused on migration, development, environment, mass tourism and other complex issues. Carried out in Europe, Latin America and Asia, these projects were achieved either working independently, on assignment for international organizations and publications, or through art residencies.

In his work practice, photography is flanked by video and other audiovisual elements in order to create short documentary films, immersive multimedia/VR pieces and art installations.

Devoted to photography and the visual arts since 2014, in the early stages of his career Marco had the privilege of being apprentice and assistant to Michel Huneault (Cosmos Photo). Furthermore, in the first half of 2016, he worked as office staff for the photo agency Noor Images in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

His work has been awarded, published in leading media outlets and exhibited internationally. His long-term project on the European migrant crisis, ‘The Idea of Europe‘ (2015 – 2017) received international recognition including an Honorable Mention at the 2017 Lange-Taylor Prize. Different parts composing the same work were awarded the first prize at the 2017 Migration Media Award and the 2018 National Photojournalism Award of Spain.

Marco is a freelance contributor to UNHCR Italy and NurPhoto, is currently based in Bologna (Italy) and is available for assignments and collaborations worldwide.


2020. Documentary Essay Prize. Duke University (USA). Semifinalist.
2020. World Press Photo – General News Singles. Advanced rounds of judging.
2019. Photography 4 Humanity (USA). Finalist.
2019 + 2017. Festival della Fotografia Etica (Italy) – Single Shot Award. Finalist.
2019. PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris (France) – “State of the World” category. Curatorial selection.
2019. PhotOn Festival (Spain). Finalist.
2019. Portrait of Humanity (UK). Shortlisted.
2019. AFZ National Contest (Spain). Winner.
2019. Focus on the Story Festival (USA). Honourable mention.
2019. Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia). Shortlisted.
2018. Lange-Taylor Prize (USA). Semifinalist.
2018. Marco Pesaresi Prize (Italy). Shortlisted.
2018. Lugano Photo Days (Switzerland). Shortlisted.
2018. Imagely Fund Humanitarian Photography Grant (USA). Second place.
2018. Athens Photo Festival (Greece). Shortlisted.
2018. National Photojournalism Award (Spain). Winner.
2018. PhotOn Festival (Spain). Finalist.
2018. Art Photo Bcn Festival (Spain). Finalist.
2018. All About Photo Awards (USA). Shortlisted.
2017. Lange-Taylor Prize (USA). Honorable mention.
2017. Felix Schoeller Award (Germany). Shortlisted.
2017. Migration Media Awards (EU) – Video category. First prize winner.
2017 + 2016.
Athens Photo Festival (Greece). Shortlisted.
2016. Closer – “Dentro il reportage” award (Italy). Winner.


2021. Tōhoku 2.0. Fukushima, 10 years later. Bologna University, Nippop, Orizzontinternazionali. Virtual Exhibition (group).
2020. Life after Hell. Portrait of Humanity. Travelling exhibition, Europe + Latin America + Stratosphere (group).
2020. Corsica: Sisters in arms. Cafébabel – Blueborder. Travelling exhibition, France + Germany + Virtual Exhibition (group).
2019. Life after Hell. Photography 4 Humanity. United Nations Headquarters, New York City, USA (group).
2019. In Between. Festival della Fotografia Etica. Lodi, Italy (group).
2019. Out of Thin Air. PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris – “State of the World” exhibition. Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France (group).
2019. In Between. SOS Méditerranée/City of Geneva Exhibition. Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland (group).
2018. The Idea of Europe. Assises Internationales du Journalisme. Théâtre du 4e Art, Tunis, Tunisia (solo).
2018. Life after Hell. International Peace Day. Sant Boi de Llobregat – Barcelona, Spain (solo).
2017. In Between. Festival della Fotografia Etica. Lodi, Italy (group).
2017. Mediterranean Dispatches (In Between). Festival della Fotografia Etica – OFF Section. Lodi, Italy (group).
2017. In Between. Photogenic Festival. Barcelona, Spain (solo).
2017. In Between. Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize for SOS Méditerranée. UNESCO building, Paris, France (group).
2017. In Between. Mediterraneo Downtown Festival. Logge del Palazzo Comunale, Prato, Italy (group).
2017. In Between. IsoLab, Taranto, Italy (solo).
2017. In Between. Arsenale della Marina Regia, Palermo, Italy (group).
2017. We are not going back. EOI Drassanes, Barcelona, Spain (solo).
2017. In Between. QR Photogallery, Bologna, Italy (group).
2016. We are not going back. Pati Llimona, Barcelona, Spain (solo).


NGOs AND NONPROFIT. British Red Cross (BRC), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Legambiente, SOS Méditerranée, SOS Racisme, Òmnium Cultural, Thomson Foundation.
INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS. UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR Italy), Open Media Hub, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).
NEWS. NurPhoto.


2016. The economics of storytelling. Donald Weber’s grant writing workshop for DuPho. Pakhuis de Zwijger. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2015 – 2014. Apprentice. Michel Huneault (Cosmos Photo).
2015. Visual Storytelling. La Jetée school. Workshop @ Fotografia Europea Festival. Reggio Emilia, Italy.
2014. Documentary Photography. Pati Llimona. Barcelona, Spain.
2010. Photojournalism. Ruido Photo School. Barcelona, Spain.


Bachelor’s Degree in Communication – Mass Media. Università degli studi di Bergamo. Bergamo, Italy.


ITALY. Internazionale (1, 2), L’Espresso, La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, Witness Journal, The Post Internazionale, La Nuova Ecologia.
USA. Slate, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Vox, Business Insider.
UK. BBC News, The Times, Vice, New Statesman, Express.
FRANCE. Regards, Paris Match, France Culture, Franceinfo, Valeurs, Marianne.
SPAIN. Diari Ara, Diumenge.
GERMANY. Deutsche Welle (1, 2), Publik Forum.
OTHERS/ONLINE. Sydney Morning Herald, Tages-Anzeiger, Morgenbladet, Thomson Foundation, FotoRoom, Lenscratch, Lonely Planet, Radio New Zealand, Yahoo News.


2019. Single photo in ‘Portrait of Humanity’, published by Hoxton Mini Press.
2019. Out of thin air in ‘Kolga Tbilisi Photo Catalogue’ published by Kolga Tbilisi Photo.


2018. Mixed-Media Residency – 2018 Photo Kathmandu Festival. Kathmandu, Nepal (solo).
2015. Atelierhaus Salzamt. Linz, Austria (duo).

2014. Casa del Escritor Fonca. Mexico City, Mexico (duo).


EUROPE. Currently based in Italy. Eleven years in Spain. Western European Countries, Balkans.
AMERICAS. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, United States.
ASIA. Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam.



APR 2020. Featured in a workshop for journalists covering the covid-19 pandemic by Thomson Foundation.
OCT 2019. Featured in Rai TV Newscast (Italian national television, Min 00:00 to 02:50).
NOV 2018. Featured in Focus on the Story Festival.
NOV 2018. Featured in a piece about documenting migration on the Thomson Foundation website.
NOV 2018. Interviewed in Open Media Hub about the photo awarded the 2018 National Photojournalism Award of Spain.
JUL 2018. Interviewed in Metro-polis [Italian].
MAY 2018. Interviewed in RTVE (Spanish national television, min 17:15).
MAY 2018. Interviewed in Open Media Hub about the challenges of reporting on migration after solo presentation at the EU parliament.
APR 2018. Press review following the 2018 Spanish National Photojournalism Award: EFE, Púbilico, El Periodico, El Diario, Clavoardiendo, ANIGP, FAPE, Albedomedia.
JAN 2018. Protagonist in the short documentary film ‘Unheard Voices‘ by Myong-Hun Oh [English].
JUN 2017. Interviewed in The Submarine magazine [Italian].
JUN 2017. Interviewed by Open Media Hub at the Migration Media Awards ceremony [English]. Valletta (Malta).
JAN 2017. Interviewed in Orizzonti Internazionali [Italian].
OCT 2016. ‘We are not going back’ exhibition opening speech [Spanish]. Barcelona (Spain).
OCT 2016. ‘We are not going back’ exhibition mentioned in TimeOut Barcelona [Spanish].
FEB 2016. Interviewed in the documentary ‘SOS Méditerranée si racconta’ by Maghweb productions [Italian]. Palermo (Italy).

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