Balkan Route

Harmica, Croatia. Migrants stranded at the Slovenian border.

After the construction of a fence between Hungary and Serbia by the Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán, in September 2015 the flow of migrants on the Balkan Route headed for Austria to reach its final destination, Germany, is forced to divert its course. During the frantic weeks following, the governments of Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary repeatedly change their policy, opening and closing borders according to the convenience of the moment. This photo series witnesses the consequent formation of crowds and refugee camps in the border areas between these countries.

PHOTO ESSAY (Sep 2015)


The footage for this 2 minutes video installation was recorded in September 2015 in Nickelsdorf, a small Austrian village on the border with Hungary, that at the time was one of the main transit point for the people travelling on the Balkan Route (an estimated 764 000 people in 2015 alone).

2 mins on the Balkan Route (2015)
2:08 min video installation
Video and Editing: Marco Panzetti

This project is part of a long-term work on the European migrant crisis: The Idea of Europe

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